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Car Title Change in Houston TX

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At Paga Menos Insurance, we have ten years serving the city of Houston TX and surrounding cities. If you landed on this page, it means that you’re looking for our help to do car title transfer in Houston TX. And good news to you, since we have a very competent team that can make the car title transfer process easier and affordable.

It doesn’t matter if you have a driver’s license or not. We only need to ask you a few questions, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Car Title Transfer in Houston TX: Top Situations When It’s Needed:

1. Selling or Purchasing a Car

When you buy, or you sell a car, you’ll need a bill of sale. We’ll help you in the process of changing the car ownership. We’ll make all the terms and conditions of the exchange clear to you and the third party.

At Pay Less Insurance, we offer affordable car title transfer in Houston TX. Sure, we make sure the entire process is done the right way, without skipping any steps.

2. When Gifting a Car to a Family Member

Even if you’re transferring car ownership to a family member, most title transfer processes and regulations apply.

Generally, the person receiving the car does not have to pay taxes on the vehicle.

Spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings qualify for a “family” vehicle title transfer.

3. When You Inherit a Car

Here the process can vary depending on the exact situation. But don’t worry, we’re here to make your experience unique and flawless.

We have more than ten years, making the life of our clients easier. We assist you in the tedious paperwork and the entire process that involves a car title transfer in Houston TX.

In the end, our mission is to eliminate all hassles or delays so that you can enjoy your car to the fullest.

4. Congrats, You Have Paid Your Loan Already. Time to Change Your Car Title!

We know that your car is essential in your life, for your mobility and comfort. Thus, we make sure that you never have problems or delays when it comes to changing your vehicle title.

Once you have paid off your car loan, the owner (bank, financial agency) must be removed from the car title.

If, in a given case, you have any problem in this particular situation, calm down. We can help you so that you can enjoy your car with no worries.

5. When You Donate a Car  

Signing a Car Title Change Contract

The title transfer process in this situation is similar to when there is a car title transfer between family members.

Very likely, if you’re the person receiving the car, you won’t have to pay sales taxes. Paperwork is very similar to a change of ownership of a car for sale.

6. We Also Make Name Corrections

We are human, and we sometimes make mistakes.

But this mistake needs fixing so that you don’t have any problem with the ownership of the car.

Whether you want to use your car, sell it, give it to a relative, inherit it, or donate it, you’ll need your name or the name of the new owner to be spelled correctly.

You can rest assured that Pay Less Insurance will make sure to correct any errors so you can drive calmly and happily.

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