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General liability, also known as business liability insurance or general civil liability, protects your business from general lawsuits that may arise due to bodily injuries, property damage, medical payments, personal injuries, and other claims that arise due to your business activities.

What is General Liability

What Is General Liability Insurance? —Pay Less Insurance

It’s clear that almost every business needs general liability coverage.

Our general liability in Houston TX helps you cover medical expenses and legal costs that result from bodily injuries and property damage for which your company could be legally liable.

Damage to people or properties may be caused by your products, services or business activities.

If you rent the facilities of your company, our general liability insurance covers the expenses if you are responsible for the damage to the property of the owner.

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Why Do You Need General Liability In Houston TX? How Does It Help Your Business?

We know that mistakes or accidents can occur at any time. Moreover, the definition of an accident is the following: “An unforeseen event that disrupts the normal or expected progress of things, especially that which causes damage to a person or thing.”

So now, we’ll see why you need to protect your business with our general liability insurance.

By obtaining our insurance, we’ll help you reduce economic losses by covering the costs of litigation or payment for damages.

Our general liability insurance can help you cover the costs of claims against your business for things like:

Third Party Bodily Injuries:

Our General Liability Insurance in Houston TX Covers Third Party Bodily Injuries

If a person is injured within your company, this person can sue you.

For instance: A delivery man slides on the wet floor of your facilities and in your company, someone forgot to put the appropriate signs. Due to the fall his leg is fractured.

Then, by getting our general liability in Houston TX, we can help you cover the costs due to the personal injury claim the delivery man made against your company due to the accident.

Third Party Property Damages:

If you or an employee caused damage to a third-party property, your business may be sued. Our insurance policy will help you cover the damages if you are found liable.

Advertising Damages:

Our general liability in Houston TX also helps you pay the costs resulting from lawsuits against your business due to your advertising practices.

Covered Damages:

  • Product Devaluation
  • Privacy Violation
  • Plagiarism of Advertising Ideas
  • Copyright infringement, damage to the commercial image of your competitor, and use of your competitor’s slogan in your ads

Reputation Damages:

Other businesses may sue you claiming that your business destroyed their reputation. These lawsuits have to do with slander and defamation against your competitor.

Our general liability doesn’t cover employee injuries, car accidents, professional errors, punitive damages, work execution, or intentional acts.

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